I 3D Printed My Own 4.5L SFF ITX PC Case

While SFF PC cases are now cheaper than ever, GPUs are still more expensive than they should be so I designed a case primarily for low-cost, low-power GPUs.

Get the STL’s here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5271777

I already had a parts list in mind so this isn’t the smallest I could make it, but had a few qualifications in mind.

1)Printable on regular 3D printers. I designed this initially to print on a Cetus3D Extended, but also kept it in line with a Creality Ender 3. Printed dimensions 130x180x190mm (4.5L)

2) Have as much as possible 3D printed. Only thing you need is a power button and a PCIe Riser if you want a GPU.

3) Print with zero supports. Hate removing them, so design around them.

4) Needed to hold an single-slot ITX GPU (~170mm) and 70mm CPU cooler. Only officially supports M.2 drives. Needs a Pico PSU or DC power from motherboard.

5) Minimal Assembly. Prints in two parts which can be attached with case screws, though not needed.

Riser protection plate should be used if your GPU doesn’t have a backplate, ideally made with PETG.

~12 hours to print interior and ~24 hours to do exterior at .3mm layer height.

Power Switch: https://ebay.us/Qt6JK2
PCIe Riser: https://ebay.us/LM9blE
Thumb Case Screws: https://ebay.us/Na4Uwj
12v Pico PSU: https://ebay.us/5wpzXO (I used RGEEK)
12v DC Adapter: https://ebay.us/c6NeWe (Goes in and out of stock so check their website if anything)
Scythe Big Shuriken 3: https://ebay.us/oz8pHu


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