The Arcade Guys Retro Plus Arcade Cabinet Review

When most people think about retro gaming, they think about gaming at home. Mega Drive, GameBoy, Playstation, Atari. While many great games were released there, for those with quarters in their pocket there was magic to be found in the Arcades. Yes, while many of these games eventually got ported to home systems, it’s hard to capture that Arcade experience at home… unless you have your own Arcade cabinet. Enter The Arcade Guys and their Retro Plus cabinet, powered by Raspberry Pi 4.

Supports NES, SNES, GB, GBA, Genesis/Mega Drive, Master System, Sega CD, Neo-Geo, Neo-Geo Pocket, FBA, MAME, DosBox, PlayStation, and Wonderswan.

Supbor Q400:
ODROID Go Advance:
Razer Kishi:
PocketGo V2.1:
LDK Game:

Have questions or know what we should test or try next? Let us know!

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