I 3D Printed My Own 9.1L Open-Frame ATX SFF PC Case

Supports ATX, mATX, uATX, DTX, mini-DTX, and mini-ITX.

All of my previous PC case designs have been for ITX, but with every design I have been asked if it can work with ATX/microATX. This was mostly due to the maximum print size on many printers, so I challenged myself to create a case almost anyone could print that would be compatible with all motherboards.

.32mm Layer Height
3 outer layers
3 top/bottom layers
20% infill (I used cubic infill)
No supports

Requires roughly 200x200x130mm build volume. If you wanted to go just ITX you could chop several of the pieces and get under 150mm, and if 130mm build height is an issue you can put the PSU parts on their side with supports.

ITX and DTX boards need two MB bars, all others need at least three. There is a center support beam slot if you want additional support.

Power Switch: https://ebay.to/2J4hE3L
Standoffs: https://ebay.to/3aks1wa

STLs: https://ift.tt/2DQRotl

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