RK2020 Retro Handheld Review

The RK2020 is the first in a new generation of retro handhelds. Whereas 2019 and early 2020 was dominated by the RG350 and handhelds that were based on the same chipset (think the PocketGo V2), this new generation is based around the ODROID Go Advance. It isn’t the original and doesn’t bring anything new to the table, but does the RK2020 have it where it counts?

Get yours here: https://ebay.to/3fI5zPv

Supports NES, SNES, GB, GBA, Genesis/Mega Drive, Master System, Sega CD, Neo-Geo, Neo-Geo Pocket, FBA, MAME, DosBox, PSP, Saturn, N64, Dreamcast, and Wonderswan.

Supbor Q400: https://ebay.to/2VKcRtI
ODROID Go Advance: https://ebay.to/383bHP8
Razer Kishi: https://ebay.to/2YJM15U
RG350M: https://ebay.to/3cLzJQ3
PocketGo V2.1: https://ebay.to/2zqCKqa
PocketGo: Get yours on eBay: https://ebay.to/3alFnqd
LDK Game: https://ebay.to/2yWiT1V

Buy Our T-Shirt: https://ift.tt/2q8LWHJ
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