I 3D Printed My Own 10.8L Open-Frame SFF ITX PC Case

Had been noodling around with creating an Open Frame case for a while now, but after seeing this case (https://ift.tt/2XVDfmo) I finally decided to make one.

Immediately there were things this case did that I wanted to change:

1. That case was over 400mm tall, much bigger than needed.
2. Wanted to make something printable by most people, so designed to print in an Ender 3.
3. Use no supports.
4. Use SFX PSU instead of ATX.
5. Minimal assembly/parts.

This case prints in 4 pieces taking ~4-6 hours a piece. You’ll need 12 pegs total and it’s recommend your glue the pegs and pieces together. A good strategy is to print one piece at a time along with the pegs for to connect to the next piece. That way you can glue in the pegs while waiting for the next piece to print.

Recommended printing order: MB, Back, PSU, Base.

PSU piece has pass through peg holes that you will probably need to hammer in. Use case screws for MB and GPU, normal screws for PSU.

Supports SFX PSU, Mini-ITX MB, Two-Slot GPU. Should be easy to modify if you want to add a HDD slot or 3-slot GPU.

Power Switch: https://ebay.to/2J4hE3L
Thumb Case Screws: https://ebay.to/2IRbRPX

.32mm Layer Height
3 outer layers
3 top/bottom layers
20% infill (I used cubic infill)
No supports

Download STLs: https://ift.tt/2yxVB2p

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