SFF On A Budget: 3D Printed PC Case

I wasn’t thrilled with the price of the very small SFF cases so I decided to take a stab at designing one myself. My last attempt still required several additional components so I decided to try to make the most bare-bones case I could.

STLs: http://bit.ly/2xivSqx
Original Case: http://bit.ly/2WF5wxB

1) Printable on regular 3D printers. Normal version was printed on an Ender 5, but the shorter version can print on an Ender 3.

2) Have as much as possible 3D printed. Other than case screws and a power button you shouldn’t need any other pieces!

3) Print with zero supports. Hate removing them, so design around them.

4) Needed to hold an dual-slot GPU (280mm on the full-size case, ~170mm ITX card in the shortened version), 70mm CPU cooler, and SFX PSU. Only officially supports M.2 drives, but has space up front if you want to add HDD mounts.

5) Minimal Assembly. Prints in two parts which can be attached with case screws, though not needed.

Power Switch: https://ebay.to/2J4hE3L
Thumb Case Screws: https://ebay.to/2IRbRPX

There is space for 1 120mm fan (or 140mm fan with 120mm holes). I used this fan: https://ebay.to/2E3dUwc

.32mm Layer Height
4 outer layers (Could go less, but since we are screwing things into plastic I went the safe route)
20% Infill
No Supports

At 60mm/s (.4mm nozzle) inside takes ~17 hours, cover you may want to print at a slower speed to keep the vents straight so plan for 48hrs+.

Will use ~1KG of PLA. ~.6KG for cover, ~.4KG for interior. Shorter version should be under 0.9KG.

Everything should mount with case screws.

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