Boyue Likebook Muses: First Look

We unbox and try out the new Boyue Likebook Muses Android e-ink tablet. This is a Android 6.0 device with an 8 inch e-ink display, pressure sensitive pen, and a octo-core RK3365 processor. This is the model up from the Likebook Mars and shares most of the same features, but supports the pen and USB-C. The main competitor would be the Onyx Boox Nova Pro. Both devices share most of the same specs (storage, pen, screen, usb-c, Android version) and only differ in processor (faster quad-core vs slower octo-core) and the fact the Likebook includes built-in speakers. If you are looking for a medium-sized eink tablet, is this the one to get?

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7.8″E-ink Touchscreen: 300ppi high resolution, reads like paper without glare. Use a special anti-glare process, 16-level grayscale, effectively reduce the reflective light and protect the screen.

High-speed Quad-core Processor: Use Freescale RK3365 8 Core 1.5GHz chips, features faster response, smoother turn page, lower power consumption, and more stable performance.

Adjustable Built-in Front-light: Step-less adjustable. Protect your eyes and enables you to read day and night.

Convenient PDF Reading: Functions of adjusting grey-scale, edge cutting, re-layout, rotating direction would bring much convenience to you.

Voice Reading Function: High sound quality. You can listen to audiobook and music. Just enjoy the endless fun!

16GB Super Storage: Support to accommodate more than 2000 books. Built-in 3100mAh battery supports 1 hour offline reading for 12 days once fully charged.


Color: White

Storage: 2G+32G

CPU: RK3365 8 Core 1.5GHz

Screen: 7.8″ 300ppi E-ink touchscreen. High Resolution 1404*1872

System: Android 6.0

Reading Light: 24 scales adjustable reading light, front light

Battery: 5V, 1A, 3100mAh

Charging Time: 4-5 hours

Support File Formats: EPUB/ TXT/ DOC/ MOBI/ PDF/ FB2/ JPG/ PNG/ GIF/ PPT/ HTML, etc.

Item Size: 19.8 * 14.4 * 0.93cm/ 7.8 * 5.7 * 0.3in

Item Weight: 245g/ 10oz

Package Size: 22 * 16.5 * 3.7cm/ 8.7 * 6.5 * 1.4in

Package Weight: 604g/ 1.3lb.

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