Cetus3D MKII Print Quality: .2mm vs .4mm vs .6mm

The Cetus3D MKII comes with three print nozzles in the box, a rarity for 3D printers at this price point. Is there any reason to switch from .4mm?

All prints are done at the fine quality, at the minimum and maximum layer heights for each nozzle, and printing times ranged from 35 minutes to 12 hours.

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Build Volume 180(W)x280(H)x180(D) mm

Cetus MKII improvements:

1. Changed some sheet metals parts and printed parts to injection molded and CNC machined parts.
2. Better wire management.
3. Z- axis holder installed by default.
4. Smaller and sturdier packaging.
5. Improved Z-axis for better print quality.

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